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cache_t Union Reference

Cache for an SD data block. More...

Public Attributes

uint8_t data [512]
uint16_t fat16 [256]
uint32_t fat32 [128]
dir_t dir [16]
mbr_t mbr
fbs_t fbs

Detailed Description

Cache for an SD data block.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t cache_t::data[512]

Used to access cached file data blocks.

dir_t cache_t::dir[16]

Used to access cached directory entries.

uint16_t cache_t::fat16[256]

Used to access cached FAT16 entries.

uint32_t cache_t::fat32[128]

Used to access cached FAT32 entries.

fbs_t cache_t::fbs

Used to access to a cached FAT boot sector.

mbr_t cache_t::mbr

Used to access a cached MasterBoot Record.