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fat32BootSector Struct Reference

Boot sector for a FAT16 or FAT32 volume. More...

Public Attributes

uint8_t jmpToBootCode [3]
char oemName [8]
bpb_t bpb
uint8_t driveNumber
uint8_t reserved1
uint8_t bootSignature
uint32_t volumeSerialNumber
char volumeLabel [11]
char fileSystemType [8]
uint8_t bootCode [420]
uint8_t bootSectorSig0
uint8_t bootSectorSig1

Detailed Description

Boot sector for a FAT16 or FAT32 volume.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t fat32BootSector::bootCode[420]

X86 boot code

uint8_t fat32BootSector::bootSectorSig0

must be 0X55

uint8_t fat32BootSector::bootSectorSig1

must be 0XAA

uint8_t fat32BootSector::bootSignature

0X29 if next three fields are valid

bpb_t fat32BootSector::bpb

BIOS Parameter Block

uint8_t fat32BootSector::driveNumber

for int0x13 use value 0X80 for hard drive

char fat32BootSector::fileSystemType[8]

informational only - don't depend on it

uint8_t fat32BootSector::jmpToBootCode[3]

X86 jmp to boot program

char fat32BootSector::oemName[8]

informational only - don't depend on it

uint8_t fat32BootSector::reserved1

used by Windows NT - should be zero for FAT

char fat32BootSector::volumeLabel[11]

should match volume label in root dir

uint32_t fat32BootSector::volumeSerialNumber

usually generated by combining date and time