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ESP8266WiFiClass Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ESP8266WiFiClass:
ESP8266WiFiGenericClass ESP8266WiFiSTAClass ESP8266WiFiScanClass ESP8266WiFiAPClass

Public Member Functions

void printDiag (Print &dest)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiGenericClass
 ESP8266WiFiGenericClass ()
void onEvent (WiFiEventCb cbEvent, WiFiEvent_t event=WIFI_EVENT_MAX)
void removeEvent (WiFiEventCb cbEvent, WiFiEvent_t event=WIFI_EVENT_MAX)
int32_t channel (void)
bool setSleepMode (WiFiSleepType_t type)
WiFiSleepType_t getSleepMode ()
bool setPhyMode (WiFiPhyMode_t mode)
WiFiPhyMode_t getPhyMode ()
void setOutputPower (float dBm)
void persistent (bool persistent)
bool mode (WiFiMode_t)
WiFiMode_t getMode ()
bool enableSTA (bool enable)
bool enableAP (bool enable)
bool forceSleepBegin (uint32 sleepUs=0)
bool forceSleepWake ()
int hostByName (const char *aHostname, IPAddress &aResult)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiSTAClass
wl_status_t begin (const char *ssid, const char *passphrase=NULL, int32_t channel=0, const uint8_t *bssid=NULL, bool connect=true)
wl_status_t begin (char *ssid, char *passphrase=NULL, int32_t channel=0, const uint8_t *bssid=NULL, bool connect=true)
wl_status_t begin ()
bool config (IPAddress local_ip, IPAddress gateway, IPAddress subnet, IPAddress dns1=(uint32_t) 0x00000000, IPAddress dns2=(uint32_t) 0x00000000)
bool reconnect ()
bool disconnect (bool wifioff=false)
bool setAutoConnect (bool autoConnect)
bool getAutoConnect ()
bool setAutoReconnect (bool autoReconnect)
uint8_t waitForConnectResult ()
IPAddress localIP ()
uint8_t * macAddress (uint8_t *mac)
String macAddress ()
IPAddress subnetMask ()
IPAddress gatewayIP ()
IPAddress dnsIP (uint8_t dns_no=0)
String hostname ()
bool hostname (char *aHostname)
bool hostname (const char *aHostname)
bool hostname (String aHostname)
wl_status_t status ()
String SSID () const
String psk () const
uint8_t * BSSID ()
String BSSIDstr ()
int32_t RSSI ()
bool beginWPSConfig (void)
bool beginSmartConfig ()
bool stopSmartConfig ()
bool smartConfigDone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiScanClass
int8_t scanNetworks (bool async=false, bool show_hidden=false)
int8_t scanComplete ()
void scanDelete ()
bool getNetworkInfo (uint8_t networkItem, String &ssid, uint8_t &encryptionType, int32_t &RSSI, uint8_t *&BSSID, int32_t &channel, bool &isHidden)
String SSID (uint8_t networkItem)
uint8_t encryptionType (uint8_t networkItem)
int32_t RSSI (uint8_t networkItem)
uint8_t * BSSID (uint8_t networkItem)
String BSSIDstr (uint8_t networkItem)
int32_t channel (uint8_t networkItem)
bool isHidden (uint8_t networkItem)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiAPClass
bool softAP (const char *ssid, const char *passphrase=NULL, int channel=1, int ssid_hidden=0)
bool softAPConfig (IPAddress local_ip, IPAddress gateway, IPAddress subnet)
bool softAPdisconnect (bool wifioff=false)
uint8_t softAPgetStationNum ()
IPAddress softAPIP ()
uint8_t * softAPmacAddress (uint8_t *mac)
String softAPmacAddress (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiGenericClass
static void _eventCallback (void *event)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiSTAClass
static void _smartConfigCallback (uint32_t status, void *result)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ESP8266WiFiScanClass
static void _scanDone (void *result, int status)
static void * _getScanInfoByIndex (int i)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ESP8266WiFiGenericClass
static bool _persistent = true
static WiFiMode_t _forceSleepLastMode = WIFI_OFF
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ESP8266WiFiSTAClass
static bool _useStaticIp = false
static bool _smartConfigStarted = false
static bool _smartConfigDone = false
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ESP8266WiFiScanClass
static bool _scanAsync = false
static bool _scanStarted = false
static bool _scanComplete = false
static size_t _scanCount = 0
static void * _scanResult = 0

Member Function Documentation

void ESP8266WiFiClass::printDiag ( Print p)

Output WiFi settings to an object derived from Print interface (like Serial).

pPrint interface