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icmp_echo_hdr Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u8_t type)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u8_t code)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t chksum)
 PACK_STRUCT_FIELD (u16_t seqno)

Detailed Description

This is the standard ICMP header only that the u32_t data is splitted to two u16_t like ICMP echo needs it. This header is also used for other ICMP types that do not use the data part. 定义ICMP回送请求报文首部结构, 由于所有ICMP报文首部有很大相似性, 该结构同样适用于其它ICMP报文。

Member Function Documentation

icmp_echo_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u8_t  type)
icmp_echo_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u8_t  code)
icmp_echo_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  chksum)
icmp_echo_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  id)
icmp_echo_hdr::PACK_STRUCT_FIELD ( u16_t  seqno)