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netif Struct Reference

Public Attributes

struct netifnext
ip_addr_t ip_addr
ip_addr_t netmask
ip_addr_t gw
netif_input_fn input
netif_output_fn output
netif_linkoutput_fn linkoutput
void * state
u16_t mtu
u8_t hwaddr_len
u8_t hwaddr [6U]
u8_t flags
char name [2]
u8_t num

Detailed Description

Generic data structure used for all lwIP network interfaces. The following fields should be filled in by the initialization function for the device driver: hwaddr_len, hwaddr[], mtu, flags

Member Data Documentation

u8_t netif::flags

flags (see NETIF_FLAG_ above) 该接口状态、属性字段

ip_addr_t netif::gw
u8_t netif::hwaddr[6U]

link level hardware address of this interface 该接口物理地址

u8_t netif::hwaddr_len

number of bytes used in hwaddr该接口物理地址长度

netif_input_fn netif::input

This function is called by the network device driver to pass a packet up the TCP/IP stack. 向IP层输入数据包

ip_addr_t netif::ip_addr

IP address configuration in network byte order

netif_linkoutput_fn netif::linkoutput

This function is called by the ARP module when it wants to send a packet on the interface. This function outputs the pbuf as-is on the link medium. 底层数据包发送

u16_t netif::mtu

maximum transfer unit (in bytes) 该接口允许的最大数据包长度,多是1500

char netif::name[2]

descriptive abbreviation 该接口的名字

ip_addr_t netif::netmask
struct netif* netif::next

pointer to next in linked list

u8_t netif::num

number of this interface 该接口的编号

netif_output_fn netif::output

This function is called by the IP module when it wants to send a packet on the interface. This function typically first resolves the hardware address, then sends the packet. 发送IP数据包

void* netif::state

This field can be set by the device driver and could point to state information for the device. 自由设置字段,比如指向底层设备相关信息